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Easy Life are an English alternative group formed in 2017 in Leicester. In 2018 Easy Life signed to Island Records. They were placed second on BBC's annual music poll, Sound of 2020. Their mixtape, Junk Food, reached No. 7 on the UK Albums Chart a day after its release.

On January 2020, the user "perros_perro" wrote a post on TWITTER about Easy Life album (Junk Food):

"I think that as an album it lacks a bit of thread"


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Karen Ferry says

"Why is this company allowed to still trade?
Do not use this company - they will take payments from you for membership. My elderly Dad got caught up with this con."

Angela Callaghan says

"This company are quite obviously absolute rogues and it’s unbelievable that they are still trading. One of the worst things they do is to sign you up for an account which you have made clear that you don’t want. Unless you are aware of this, they will start taking quarterly payments from you. When you try to cancel, it’s impossible to reach anybody by ‘phone. However, they continuously ‘phone you to try to con you."

Mrs Jennifer Lewis says

"I am waiting for a refund from easylife motor club which I cancelled before the 14 Days was up .It’s disgusting I have sent emails & written to them & tried to phone them to no avail .This company need investigating for conning people out of money .I am going to go further with this .Warning please don’t purchase from this company ."

Sue A says

"Bought a side table but the wheels were missing and took a while to get it delivered. It was not easy to assemble and screws were poking through the other side. Some of the holes where the screws are meant to go are not deep enough or non-existent. It was not an easy assembly. Then I received a phone call about funeral care plan so they have assumed that a senior citizen purchased the item which was really rude. I tried to write a review on the website but it kept kicking me out when I clicked on submit."

Mark Bryant says

"My mother-in-law ordered some facemasks from Easylife. She later received very pushy call trying to sell her a discount card, to which she declined. They signed her up anyway. We were able to cancel it, but worried they will try again. Avoid"

Jill says

"My elderly mother purchased a wrist support over the telephone and has since been charged £80 for a service she had no idea she had been sold. Once they have your card details this company will keep your bank details for 6 years signing you up for anything that they can AND they will sell on your phone number and address to allow other leeches have a go at you! They state what they do is legal. It might be but its immoral and unscrupulous just to screw every last penny out of its customers. Anyone who falls into this trap should contact their bank and request help and a charge back. A charge back will hit easylife in the pocket! I hope their staff get paid enough to help them sleep at night. You might as well be robbing little old people in the street! I wish I could give easylife no stars"

The Lowman says

"AVOID. My elderly father ordered a bucket and mop and they ended up taking £60 from him for a car warranty he never asked for. Trying to get through to them to cancel the payment is impossible. They never answer the calls. Ended up reporting them to the credit card company. Complete fraudsters!"

Brian says

"Shocking they are still allowed to trade. My mother was scammed in the same way, ordered one thing and they proceeded to take out money every month. We are now speaking to our bank. They are preying on older people it seems. Shocking way to make money."

Jill Vincent-Barwick says

"When you make an order you are then constantly bombarded with telephone calls for other services. They want you to sign up to a loyalty card service and pay for it, which gives discounts in stores and for services. Something that I did not sign up for. They are breaching their GDPR responsibilities as a business. Will be contacting Trading standards to report them and I suggest everyone else does the same. Avoid this company."

Phyllis Cameron says

"DO NOT BUY anything from this so called company. They prey on people and if you do order anything from them they continue to take money out of your account for services you never recieve. They should be convicted of fraud. They ripped off my pensioner Dad after he bought one thing from a gardening magazine and then charged him for a subscription to a travel club.They should not be trading!!😡"

david robinson says

"Item ordered 18th October 2020, advised delivery before 4th December 2020. Contacted Easylife on 11th December to follow up why item had't been received. Advised it would now be due by 21st January 2021, I consider three months excessive ( that's assuming it will be delivered on that date ). Therefore I will obvisouly advise anyone not to purchase from this supplier."

Karen Tilden says

"If I could give this company less than one star I would! I placed an order back in April 2020 and because it totalled more than £30 I qualified for free delivery. Because of lock down I didn't anticipate receiving my order in the expected time, but was nevertheless delighted when part of my order arrived after lock down. The remaining item did not arrive however and I noticed on line that they were waiting delivery of new stock, Now that item has been available for over a month and I anticipated they would be able to fulfill my order. As nothing appeared (and no communication) I phoned the company and after 30+ minutes waiting received a reply. The customer services lady was most helpful and apologetic (so no criticism there) but after speaking to her supervisor she stated that I would have to re-order as it was so long ago AND pay the postage of £4.99! I am utterly disgusted that they would insist on this payment as it was part of the original order. I have cancelled it. I will not be dealing with this company again!"

Trish York says

"AVOID this company at all costs. FRAUDSTERS! They have taken 2 transactions for £85.00 from our Barclaycard without our knowledge or us even ordering anything. Barclaycard said they are known for their fraudulent transactions."

P Moss says

"I am sick and tired of this worse than awful company calling me every week telling me I'm a valued customer and offering me this or that special offer. After my one and only VERY BAD experience with them I wouldn't want one if it was free. I hope they read this because if they contact me again I Will take legal action against them for harassment."

Col says

"I ordered a reclining chair cover, a fridge defroster spray and a set of solar lights.
The total being over £35 promised a FREE Gift worth up to £12.99.
The chair cover is very poor quality and doesn’t stay in place, the defroster is less effective than a brine solution you could make for pennies and there was no free gift!
I emailed twice but had no reply.
The solar lights, however, are still working!
Fortunately I paid by PayPal so no unexpected debits that some have had."

Mr eric wallington says

"A few months ago i purchased a EL5990 Turbo spin scrubber model NoKLW-012A, The switch broke after one use i complained and they said they would send me another one. Still waiting."

Hazel says

"I had an email saying my item had been despatched. After 11 DAYS I tracked my parcel on the Hermes website. It said they had been unable to deliver my parcel & to contact the sender. They said that Hermes had posted on their tracker 1 week previously that the parcel had been irretrievably damaged & had returned it to their warehouse. I asked why a replacement hadn't been sent? They said they had no way of knowing there was a problem! Long story short - avoid this company. Their products are mediocre & their customer service is atrocious!"

Andy Brown says

"Buyer Beware of this company. Despite being promised a refund of £19.99 for a reading lamp that stopped working after 6 months and a replacement promised to arrive in two weeks, and took 3 months, I refused the order and returned it by couriers. They denied receiving it but I had proof. They eventually agreed to a refund to my Paypal account on 28th September and I am still waiting. I am now commencing a claim for the item and court costs, through the small claims court.

Important Update* I have now received a cheque for the amount owed after all this time, and the matter is finally resolved."

Kevin Mathieson says

"I simply reiterate the views of other reviewers here and on other sites. AVOID this company at all costs, they exist simply to rip people off and have no customer service, quality control or communication strategy with their customers. They simply view us as cash cows. AVOID."

Penny says

"Shocking company. Take your order and your money, but don't deliver, don't answer the phone, don't answer emails.AND don't refund.
They prey on elderly people.
Totally despicable company.

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